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Interface EncryptContentOptions

Specify encryption options, and whether to sign the ciphertext.




Optional cipherTextEncoding

cipherTextEncoding: CipherTextEncoding

String encoding format for the cipherText buffer. Currently defaults to 'hex' for legacy backwards-compatibility. Only used if the encrypt option is also used. Note: in the future this should default to 'base64' for the significant file size reduction.

Optional publicKey

publicKey: string

Encrypt the data with this key. If not provided then the current user's app public key is used.

Optional sign

sign: boolean | string

If set to true the data is signed using ECDSA on SHA256 hashes with the user's app private key. If a string is specified, it is used as the private key instead of the user's app private key.



Optional wasString

wasString: boolean

Specifies if the original unencrypted content is a ASCII or UTF-8 string. For example stringified JSON. If true, then when the ciphertext is decrypted, it will be returned as a string type variable, otherwise will be returned as a Buffer.

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