Blockstack iOS SDK

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Blockstack is a platform for developing a new, decentralized internet, where users control and manage their own information. Interested developers can create applications for this new internet using the Blockstack platform.

This repository contains:

if you encounter an issue please feel free to log it on this repository.


iOS 11.0+

Getting started

Use the detailed tutorial and to build your first Blockstack iOS application with React. You can also work through two example apps in module (/Example) and (/example-multi-activity)

Adding the SDK to a project

Blockstack is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile and run pod install:

pod 'Blockstack'

Add import Blockstack to the top of any file you wish to invoke the SDK’s functionality.

How to use

Utilize Blockstack functionality in your app via the shared instance: Blockstack.shared.*some_method()*.

Some of the essentials are described below, but have a look at the documentation for the Blockstack class to get a better understanding of what’s possible. Happy coding!


Authenticate users using their Blockstack ID by calling Blockstack.shared.signIn. A web view will pop up to request their credentials and grant access to your app.


Store content to the user’s Gaia hub as a file, via the putFile method:

Blockstack.shared.putFile(to: "testFile", text: "Testing 123") {
    publicURL, error in
    // publicURL points to the file in Gaia storage

Retreive files from the user’s Gaia hub with the getFile method.

Blockstack.shared.getFile(at: "testFile") {
    response, error in
    print(response as! String) // "Testing 123"


Please see the contribution guidelines.


Please see the license file..